Aimless Suburbanite

A flattering portrait of myself in high-school. Polyester pronto plate. Three layers.


Ride Bikes All Day!

This is a multi-plate polyester print I did for The Bicycle Rack. It's part of the Corridors Exhibition. This exhibition asked several artists to make display for business in downtown New Paltz. Check my display out on 13 North Front Street!


Fun little print to start off my thesis semester at SUNY New Paltz.


All Dressed Up (Nowhere to go)

Etched mounted deer head. Part of my 3D taxidermy etching series. Pictures by Lauren Lowery.

Etching Sculptures

I spent a good portion of this semester researching, printing, and constructing a series of three dimensional paper sculptures. The printing was done with etched zinc plates and a technique called a la poupee'. Ill post better pictures soon. These are just crummy cell phone pictures. This is only half of the finished sculptures.

Screen printed decals on ceramics

Here are some cell phone pictures of a project I worked on this semester. I screen printed with ceramic stains onto decal paper and then wrapped and fired them onto Doug Fertig's ceramic pottery. The process was a learning experience for both of us. I hope to work more with him in the future.


Powerful Polyester Pronto Plate Prints Ponder Planetary Pleasantries

New pronto plate print just for fun. You can't go wrong with space/sci-fi art.


Finalized Carl Print

The original post of this print was the BAT print. This is the final editioned version with revised colors.

Happy Valentine's Day!


The Alligators!

Better Pictures…



Ask us to play! we'll probably do it!

This is an installation called The Alligators I did for my media intervention class. It was a band I made up, meant to be about the idea of a performance piece. My friend Anthony and I wore these screen-printed alligator costumes while performing for the class. The piece was meant to be absurd and was meant to test the patients of an adult crowd of artists. Some people laughed, others were creeped out. I thought it was funny.


Final Installation

This is a box-like installation that I made for my media intervention class. The outer line work was made by carving the surface of the wood, inking it up like a wood block relief print and then letting the ink fill the grooves while I washed it off. the white part aren't really complete. Its basically just a primer layer. I want to hand paint the entire thing when I get a chance.

The box is more of a small contained gallery space than a traditional installation. Its basically a tiny dark room made for exhibiting ultra violet ink prints. I plan on making a bunch more UV ink prints in the near future.
At first I was like..
Then I was like...



This piece is for a print exchange involving transformations. It's a six layer silkscreen. The final layer is printed in invisible UV ink that can only be seen with a black light. i'll take a picture of it with the black light on it soon.

Fall 2010 - Forum Class Experiments

Im not really happy with any of these pieces but I thought I'd post them anyways.

Stencil Monotypes.

Trace Monotypes.